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The NRHA Registry was established to create and promote a breed known as a Nationalbred.

Effective 1/1/2009, The rule/bylaws were voted on and approved by the general membership:

To create and register a Nationalbred, they must have a bloodtyped and/or DNA Registered Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) parent and a bloodtyped and/or DNA Registered American Saddlebred Horse (ASB) parent.

Effective 3/19/2011, The rule/bylaws were voted on and approved by the general membership to add the following to the above rule/bylaws:

If your Registered Nationalbred Horse has a bloodtyped/DNA ASB parent, it may breed to any Registered Nationalbred Horse.

If your Registered Nationalbred does NOT have a Registered bloodtyped/DNA ASB parent, it must breed to a Nationalbred horse that does have a Registered bloodtyped/DNA ASB parent.

A NRHA Stallion Breeding Report is required for each Stallion that is used for siring Nationalbred Foals. The reporting period will run from November 1, to October 31, of each year.  The implementation of this form was approved at the February 13, 2011, Board of Directors meeting. The Stallion Breeding Report must be postmarked no later than October 31, of each year, or a penalty of $100.00 will be assessed in the event of late filing.

A NRHA Breeder’s Certificate for Mares is also required for each Mare that is the Dam of the Nationalbred foal seeking registration. This form will be submitted with each NRHA Application for Registration submitted to the NRHA Registry. The only exception: The Breeder’s Certificate for Mares need not be completed and submitted to the NRHA Registry IF  the Owner of the Sire was also the owner of the Dam at the time of breeding, and a Stallion Report was submitted to the NRHA Registry. The preprinted Number of the Stallion Report has to be shown on the Application For Registration.These form(s) will be issued upon request from the NRHA Registry, by telephone (828-837-6086), Or e-mail:


The following fees have been set by the Board of Directors: EFFECTIVE 2/26/2015

                                            MEMBERS            NON-MEMBERS

REGISTRATION: DNA                                                    $ 75.00                       $90.00

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP:                                        $15.00                        $25.00

(If transfer not applied for within 90 days of sale, Penalty of $10 per Month Limited to $200 will be charged).WAIVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

NAME CHANGE OF HORSE:                                       $40.00                         $55.00

REPLACE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE:             $15.00                         $25.00

REPLACE REGISTRATION CARD:                            $ 5.00                           $15.00


(If Bloodtyping sample was tested at UK Lab)                  $40.00                          $50.00

(If Bloodtyping sample was tested thru another Lab)     $90.00                          $100.00

Effective 2/26/2015, the NRHA Registry will no longer process applications for registration from bloodtyped Nationalbreds, TWHBEA and Saddlebred Sires and/or Dams. It will be the responsibility of the owners to convert TWHBEA and ASB Sires and/or Dams to DNA thru these two appropriate Associations prior to applying for Application to register NRHA Nationalbreds.  NRHA Registry will provide form to convert Bloodtyped Nationalbreds to DNA.


Wanda Ledford, Registrar/Secretary

NRHA Registry

2856 Brasstown Road

Brasstown, NC 28902